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Fraud Detection System

Data-driven to identify fraudulent expense claims and semi-automated review of adherence of business activity to internal policies and regulatory requirements

Financial Markets Monitor System

Quantitative analysis of multiple types of financial data and corresponding interactive dashboards to support a discretionary investment process

Client Transaction Data Analysis

Application of Machine Learning for automatic identification of cross-selling opportunities, client segments, changes in behaviour, lifetime value and churn retention

Risk Simulation Framework

Methodology to simulate asset returns using multivariate non-normal distributions based on intuitive inputs from fund managers

Automated Information Retrieval

Extraction of information regarding location, price and entities involved in Real Estate transactions using Natural Language Processing algorithms

Intraday Market Monitoring System

Development of system to monitor precious and base metals every 5 minutes, including the generation of investment signals using a trend-following strategy

Algorithmic Trading Strategy

Algorithm based on Digital Signal Processing techniques to automatically detect the daily direction of liquid future markets on multiple assets classes

Risk Concentration Tool

Designed a new methodology to analyse the concentration of multi-asset portfolios to prevent losses of long-only investments

Smart Beta Factor Rotation

Created a new approach to dynamically switch between smart-beta portfolios on different equity factors, e.g. value, momentum, quality

amongst others

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